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Chào mừng bạn đến với cổng thông tin điện tử của Trường THCS Lê Bình

Le Binh lower secodary school organized the extra-curricular activities to welcome to New Year: English speaking club.

          Under the direction of the department of Huong Son education and training, according to the plan of the school year 2019-2020, On the 24th of December, Le Binh lower secondary school organized the English speaking club with the topic “Happy new year”. The organising committee was honoured of attendance of Mrs Ha Thi Minh Hai – the pricipal, Mr Dau Thanh Quan – the vice-principal and all of the teachers and students of Le Binh lower secondary school.

          The extra-curricular activities were divided into two main parts: The first part: Competitions for two teams contained: Greetings, each team introduced themselves by a song or a play in turns; Knowledge, two teams answered twenty questions of the organising committee about many fields such as sports, cuture, society, music and so on; Talent, two teams expressed their talent with the interesting performance. The red stars sang a song and the yellow stars acted a play; Making speech, the leaders of two teams made the presentation about lunar Tet.

          The second part: Games for the audience, the teacher expained in English some real things in a big box and students guess what they were; Teachers and stedents exchanged by asking and answering some questions.

          The english speaking club was really successful because it created a useful environment for all of the students of our school to practice speaking English, motivate and develop their awareness of learning English, especially speaking skill in morden time.  As a result, It has had  good effects on teaching and learning English in our school.

          These are some pictures of the extra-curricular activities.

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